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The look of a Gypsy’s Vanner horse should be the look of a small Shire with more feather and a sweeter (more refined) head.

Short back in proportion to overall body.

Broad chest.

Heavy, well-rounded hips.

Heavy flat bone (flat at the knee) with ample hooves.

Hair: feather beginning at the knees in front and at or near the hocks in the rear that extends over the front of the hooves, ample to abundant mane and tail. Ideal hair is straight & silky.

A sweet head with a strong neck in harmony with the horse’s overall look: A sweet head is more refined than a Shire.

Disposition: The horse should exhibit traits of intelligence, kindness and docility.

The points of the breed standard should be apparent in all three sizes of Vanners.

The Mini Vanner (13.3hh and under), a Classic size (14hh – 15hh), or Grand size (15.1hh or over).

When asked to critique the original standard, Helmut Lekschas, said, “I like how simple it is.” He then added, “Breed registries have a tendency to over complicate standards and that’s what gets breeds into trouble, just paint any judge a picture and they can judge your breed, all judges know faults.” —Helmet Lekscha, International horse breed judge.

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